Monday, July 20, 2009

Dye 09 Invision I4 Pro Paintball Mask

New for 2009, the Dye Invision I4 Pro paintball mask. This mask is great looking. Completely redesigned from the previous I3 Pro model, the Dye Invision I4 Pro mask offers a bold new look with even better functionality. One huge difference that the new I4 pro mask has over the I3 pro is the lens. Wow, they really offered a lot more field of vision with this lens as well as made it extremely fast and easy to change.

The Dye Invision I4 Pro paintball mask comes out of the box with a high definition lens that provides such clarity that you could see the slightest movement on the field. The scary part about this mask is that with such clarity and with how lightweight and comfortable this mask is, you tend to forget that you are wearing a mask at all.

Dye has always made the top of the line paintball equipment and they did not fall short with this mask. The new 2009 Dye Invision I4 Pro paintball mask is one of best paintball goggles ever made.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Invert Avatar Paintball Mask

Looking for a new paintball mask that is comfortable, has a thermal lens and won't break the bank? Check out the all new Invert Avatar Paintball Mask!

The Invert Avatar Paintball Mask one of the best masks ever produced and for the price, can not be beat. The Invert Avatar Paintball Mask comes standard with a dual pane thermal lens. The mask itself is soft molded and fits very comfortably and also gives you a chance at getting a bounce. One nice feature about the lens on this mask is how easy it is to change. The last thing you want to do is fight with your mask for an hour trying to get the lens out. With the Invert Avatar paintball mask, simply turn some tabs and pop out the mask. It is as simple as that!