Thursday, June 4, 2009

V-force Paintball Masks

V-force has been around for several years now and has proved to the paintball industry that their products are among some of the best. V-force has released several masks since they have started, and has continued to improve them over the years giving players a new look and better features. Vforce is one of the first companies to give players a better range of vision. They have masks available for any paintball player ranging from people new to the sport or the more experienced tournament paintball player. Currently V-force produces four styles of masks; The Armor, Grill, Profiler, and Vantage.

The Vforce masks described below are listed in order from the least expensive Vforce masks, to the more expensive masks. The Armor is great for any player new to the sport. It is made out of hard plastic and meets all the safety standards of the paintball industry. The Vforce Vantage is now made out of a soft rubber, so you are able to get more bounces off the mask with still the same protection. It has a new type of foam in it that doesn't keep sweat soaked up in the foam for better sanitary conditions. The Vforce Profiler is extremely comfortable and gives you a greater line of site then most other masks. Last we have the V-force Grill which is the newest Vforce mask to hit the paintball scene. It is a great mask for the price and is one of the hottest masks out right now.

V-force Armor Paintball Mask: The VForce Armor is the #1 answer for budget conscious players offering the lowest cost, superb lens life and excellent customer satisfaction goggle system. This is the best complete, rigid vision system that is perfect for the newer players who want maximum protection with clear, reliable Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch and Thermo-Cured lenses that will outlast every other brand!

V-force Vantage Paintball Mask: The VForce Vantage mask has features any paintball player would like. The ultralight one piece mask has a low profile and gives players ultimate mobility and speed. The Vantage is made out of a soft rubber material more likely to get bounces instead of breaks on your face. The lens is a non-fog thermocured anti-scratch lens with quick-change lens clips allowing you to switch or clean your lens in seconds. These features truley give players an advantage on the field.

V-force Profiler Paintball Mask: “Vision under Pressure!” The VForce Profiler was created to endure the fanatic intensity of paintball’s top international competition. This is the world’s fastest mask, featuring the Quick-Change Lens; you can change to tinted lens in only 5 seconds! Now is your chance to stay in the game. This system has a HardTarget Design that reduces frontal and profile areas for “hard-to-hit” target advantage.

V-force Grill Paintball Mask: The GRILL™ sets the new trend with its intense look of pure attitude. The unmatched comfort of this lightweight masterpiece inspires total focus on your game

  • ProVisor™ - Sun and rain protective visor
  • Integrated VFlector™ - Built-in forehead bounce panel for added face and lens protection.
  • QuickChange™ ThermoCured™ Lens - Lens interchangeability faster and easier than ever!
  • Featherweight Comfort™ - Ultra-light construction for unrestricted movement
  • Comfort Chin Strap™ - Increased stability for a faster game!
  • QuickChange™ / ClickDry™ Foam System - Revolutionary all-in-one QuickChange™ Comfort Foam. Fresh, dry comfort in a snap!
  • QuickChange™ Strap - Close-Contact Posi-Clip™ strap. Stays on... guaranteed!
  • Temple ComfortPads™ - Detachable dual system

JT Paintball Masks

JT has been in the paintball industry for over 15 years now and has perfected the art of making great paintball masks and goggles. Their expertise and innovation has led them to make some of the best paintball products on the market. Their extensive mask line pushes the boundaries for comfort, style and safety. Check out the full line of JT paintball masks.

JT has a huge variety of masks for any paintball player. Each mask has very different features, allowing players to choose a mask that they feel fits the best. The masks are labeled in three different categories as followed:

Spectra Mask System:

The Spectra mask line we carry comes in six different masks all with different colors, styles, and material its made out of. One thing the Spectra Line offers is that they all share the same kind of lens, so as long as you have one of the Spectra Mask System you can use any of the many lenses available for them.

The following are the names of the masks that fit this category; Jt Flex 7 Thermal Paintball Mask, Jt Flex 8 Full Coverage Paintball Mask, Jt Flex 8 Paintball Mask, Jt Flex Spectra Thermal Paintball Mask, Jt ProFlex Revolution Thermal Paintball Mask, and Jt ProFlex Thermal Paintball Mask.

Quicklock (QLS) Mask Systems:

The Quicklock Mask Systems are newest innovative idea from JT. These masks are available in four different types, ranging from the most expensive to some of the least expensive masks on the market.

The great idea about these masks are their new design and function of removing the lens. The QLS™ (Quicklock Lens System) allows you to replace your lens in seconds with no tools required and no pieces to lose.

The four masks available in this design are; JT QLS Status Thermal Paintball Goggles, JT QLS Carnivore Full Coverage Single Paintball Goggles, JT QLS Carnivore Single Paintball Goggles, and JT Reaper Single Paintball Goggles.

JT Elite Masks System:

The JT Elite Goggle Systems are ideal for smaller heads or any new person to the sport. The mask is cheaper then most JT goggles and obviously doesn't have the same comfort level or range of vision that the more expensive masks do. The Elite masks are very affordable and we currently carry two types that fit this category; JT Alpha Thermal Paintball Goggles, JT Head Shield Single Paintball Goggles.

Proto Paintball Masks

Proto paintball is the sister company of DYE, which is one of the most well known product lines in paintball today. DYE has been around since the beginning of the sport and has continued to create and improve on their products every year since. When Proto was released to the paintball world everyone took to it right away without hesitation. Not only did Proto have the backbone of one of the most liked companies in the sport,but Proto also had the same quality as the Dye products at a fraction of the costs.

The Proto paintball masks meet all safety standards, are very comfortable, have great ventilation, and have a very easy way to remove the lens for quicker cleaning and changing of the lenses. The lens on all the Proto goggle systems are removed by pushing the two tabs up where the goggle straps attach to it and the lens will simply pop out. The Proto masks available are the as followed:

Proto EL Switch Paintball Mask is one of the first masks Proto produced and is a single lens (non-thermal) that is great for anybody getting into the sport and looking for comfort at an affordable price.

Proto Switch FS Thermal Paintball Mask is the same mask as the Proto EL mask (Pictured to the right) but is a double lens (thermal) which prevents the goggle from fogging up on you when playing. These mask continue to be a top mask that many people wear and still enjoy even though they have released tow masks since then.

Proto Axis Mask W/ Free Game Timer is the second generation of masks produced by Proto with a new sleek design with even more ventilation and comfort. The Axis Mask is a thermal lensed mask and comes with a free game timer to help ensure you hang that flag before your time is up. The game timer clips onto the side of your mask right ny your ear so you are able to hear the timer over all the yelliing and shooting on the field.

Proto Axis Pro Mask is the newest Proto goggle system (PICTURED ON UPPER LEFT). The mask is almost identical to the basic axis mask besides the new design in the ventilation and a few other small changes. The Proto Axis Pro Mask is number one in comfort and has a very unique lens system that is not a thermal but will not fog up on you.

Dye Paintball Masks

Dye Precision has a long paintball history and has made some of the best products to ever hit the paintball market. Their paintball mask and goggle line started with the original Dye Invision paintball mask. The success of that particular paintball mask led them to produce some of the greatest goggle systems on the market today. The Dye Masks are Innovative and will change the way you play the game. Check out all our Dye Paintball Goggle and Mask Line ups available at

The DYE paintball goggle systems we currently have available are the DYE i3 Pros, and the DYE I4's.

Dye I4 Mask: These masks are the newest mask to hit the paintball scene and everyone seems to be loving it. They are light weight with a large range of vision allowing you to see the field as a whole. The Dye I4 is one of the most comfortable masks out there with soft foam and great ventilation.

Dye I3 Pro: The I3 Pro goggle system is the mask that hit the scene around 2006-2007. These masks have much of the same characteristics of the I4, however the I4 is just a little bit more sleek in design with a larger field of vision. They are still very comfortable and the paintball world stilll seems to be loving them.