Friday, June 5, 2009

V-force Grill Paintball Mask

V-force has been around for several years now and has proven to the paintball industry that their products are among some of the best. V-force has released several masks since they have started, and has continued to improve them over the years giving players a new look and better features. Vforce is one of the first companies that produced masks that give players a larger range of vision, giving them an advantage on the field.They have masks available for any paintball player ranging from people new to the sport or the more experienced tournament paintball player.Currently V-force produces four styles of masks; The Armor, Grill, Profiler, and Vantage.

V-force Grill Paintball Mask: The GRILL™ sets the new trend with its intense look of pure attitude. The unmatched comfort of this lightweight masterpiece inspires total focus on your game

  • ProVisor™ - Sun and rain protective visor
  • Integrated VFlector™ - Built-in forehead bounce panel for added face and lens protection.
  • QuickChange™ ThermoCured™ Lens - Lens interchangeability faster and easier than ever!
  • Featherweight Comfort™ - Ultra-light construction for unrestricted movement
  • Comfort Chin Strap™ - Increased stability for a faster game!
  • QuickChange™ / ClickDry™ Foam System - Revolutionary all-in-one QuickChange™ Comfort Foam. Fresh, dry comfort in a snap!
  • QuickChange™ Strap - Close-Contact Posi-Clip™ strap. Stays on... guaranteed!
  • Temple ComfortPads™ - Detachable dual system

V-Force Armor Paintball Mask

The VForce Armor is the #1 answer for budget conscious players offering the lowest cost, superb lens life and excellent customer satisfaction goggle system. This is the best complete, rigid vision system that is perfect for the newer players who want maximum protection with clear, reliable Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch and Thermo-Cured lenses that will outlast every other brand!

  • Durable HardCoat Anti-Scratch
  • Bio-Fit frame eliminates pressure-points for all-day comfort
  • Fits over most eyeglasses
  • Free Flex Visor
  • Rigid Full-Face, forehead and ear protection for secure confidence
  • Quick-ChangeT lens drastically reduces maintenance
  • Commercial-duty design = maximum durability
  • Fast-drying closed-cell foam

Extreme Rage Masks

Extreme Rage goggles are for any new paintballer. The Extreme Rage mask come in two different styles, one is a full head mask, the other is just a standard mask with anti fog coating on the lens so it does not fog up on you. Extreme rage goggles are inexpensive but get the job done and meet all the safety precautions that the paintball industry requires. One being the Extreme Rage X Ray PROtector Mask and the other being the Extreme Rage X Ray Single Mask.

The Extreme Rage PROtector Mask comes complete with visor, hypo-allergenic foam, high quality adjustable strap, and chin strap. The Extreme Rage PROtector integrates full head protection in an easy-to-use design that provides the best combination of form and function. Pivoting armor and secure fasteners combine to keep the Extreme Rage X-Ray PROtector in place.

The Extreme Rage X-Ray Single Lens Mask comes with anti-fog coated lenses to prevent fogging for even the heaviest breathers. Protect those beautiful eyes, well, at least your mom thinks they are beautiful. Just get a mask.

Empire Paintball Masks

Empire goggle systems have been in the industry for some time now and have made some of the nicest mask out there with some great features. Empire currently makes two different styles of mask, the events, and the cylus being empires cheaper version. Below are descriptions of these two empire masks.

The Empire E-Vents lens system is a very advanced and optically correct lens. Although at first glance it looks like a flat lens it actually changes in thickness to maintain the best optical quality possible. The power imbalance, which means how your eyes see for straight ahead, is 0.00 for both Spherical power imbalance and Astigmatism power imbalance (the value is so small it can not be read with conventional testing equipment). What does this mean? It means what you are seeing is really where you think it is, so you can be more accurate in your shooting.

The lens is an extremely safe quick release system. It can be replaced in seconds, but yet is held very securely into the mask and frame. Unlike other quick release systems the E-Vent’s lens fits in under the nose piece. This means the nose area does not deflect in when shot, so it prevents the ingress of paint into the goggle under the lens. To further lock the lens into place there is a tongue and groove around the edge of the lens and goggle. This prevents shots at the edge of the lens forcing paint up into the goggle and helps maintain a high safety factor. The Lens is held in at the sides with very robust retainers, which also hold the high quality metallic Empire logos. This simply pushes through the lens and the goggle, then secured in place inside the frame by placing the end of the strap clip over the retainer and twisting down into position. The added safety being that you can not have the strap in place if the lens is not in the goggle properly. So you can not wear the goggle until a lens is in place. It is a very quick and easy process so you can pick and choose lenses to suit your playing conditions.

The Empire Cylus Paintball Mask is the cheaper mask that empire makes but still stands with the Empire name behind it. The cylus has dual density foam, Clear single lens, Breath blocker, Hars TPC construction, and a visor.

The Cylus also looks a lot like the events, just with more of a harder plastic as a mold to the mask. This mask is great for any paintballer getting into the sport or wanting the events look at a lower price.

Kingman Java Paintball Mask

Kingman paintball products have been around for a very long time. All their items are very reliable as well as their mask. When kingman was released into the sport of paintball they had some of the first semi automatic markers which were very reliable and had only improved over the years. The same can be said about their masks. The kingman mask is great for any paintball player new or old to the sport.

We pride ourselves in carrying the biggest selection of paintball masks online. We have everything in stock at every possible price range from the most basic starter masks to the highly advanced goggles. The Kingman Java mask falls right in between the basic and more advance goggle systems. All of our Masks are in stock and ready to ship out today. Be sure to check out the goggle accessories and upgrades you can get for your the Kingman paintball mask.

Currently we carry the Kingman Java V-type mask. Below are some of the features this mask has to offer:

Java goggles offer sleek styling and full protection at an affordable price. With premium features such as anti-fog coating, dual density foam, anti-fog and mirror-finish lenses, you can be assured of maximum value for your money.

Thermal no-fog lens, Extended face guard for added protection, Flexible lower mask for comfort, 190-degree field of view, Dual density foam for extra comfort, Optional visor, Hed-Lok system, Meets or exceeds all ASTM standards

Gen x Global Paintball Masks

Gen X Global makes everything from scenario items to products for speed ball. Their products are great quality and are capable of holding up to the elements paintball throws at you.

Gen X Global goggles are for any new paintballer. The Gen X Global come in only one style and are very affordable mask, . Although these mask are very inexpensive they still have the necessary safety precautions that every mask must have.

Invert paintball Masks

The Invert Goggle Systems offer three styles of masks; the Avatar, 20/20, and the Helix Single Lens Mask. Invert makes great products at an even better price. Below is a description of the three masks available by invert.

The Invert Avatar is an innovative, lightweight, low-profile goggle system for the uncompromising paintball competitor. It is designed to present the smallest target possible while being soft and flexible for comfort and to help keep you in the game with glancing/bouncing paintballs. The Invert Avatar dual material mask features a semi-rigid, one piece face plate for ultimate protection of your mouth and nose areas.

The Invert Avatar comes equipped with a dual pane, thermal cured, anti fog lens. All lenses in the Avatar range can be swapped easily. Get the Invert Avatar lens to suit every condition from amber and clear lenses for low light conditions, to mirror and ninja lenses for bright sun or under those stadium lights. Our anti-fog and hard coat treatments allow us to provide the best quality for superior optical clarity and field of vision. This, combined with an innovative lens retaining system, make for easy cleaning in quick turnaround situations. Invert Avatar lenses are available in a thermal cured anti-fog single pane lens, or a high tech dual panel anti-fog lens. The Invert Avatar Mask is one of the best deals you can get on a paintball mask. You will get great comfort and aesthetics to keep you looking good and safe on the field.

The Invert 20/20 goggle is designed to perfect your field of vision. Built to out-perform any other goggle in its class, it is the perfect blend of form and function. It has forced air ventilation technology and an integrated motorized fan to eradicate fog! The sleek Invert 20/20 goggle is loaded with an Invert clear thermal lens, silicon beaded non-slip strap, molded hypo-allergenic foam, adjustable visor, chin strap, and a maintenance free exhaust fan.

The Invert Helix Single Lens Paintball Mask puts the focus on players comfort using hypo-allergenic foam and simplicity with a single lens all at a great price. The lens features thermally cured anti-fog and hard coating for optimal clarity. Although it is not a dual pained thermal lense it is anti-fog cured so it is less likely to fog up on you in the middle of the game.