Monday, June 8, 2009

Mask Cleaner and No-Fog Spray

This category includes lens cleaners as well as anti-fog spray for any mask. We have a huge selection of lens cleaners (like spray cleaners and micro fiber lens cloth) as well as different types of no-fog products (such as sprays, anti-fog cloth, and zero fog with microfiber cleaning cloth combos).

Currently we carry the following:

Extreme Rage: 16oz Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner, 20z Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner, Anti-Fog Cloth - Blue, and Fog Zero& Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Hater: Hater Paintball Microfiber Lens Cloth - Bullets, Hater Paintball Microfiber Lens Cloth - Defend, Hater Paintball Microfiber Lens Cloth - Noise, and Hybrid Goggle Shammy Micro Fiber Cloth.

Other: Pure Image 2oz Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner, Redz Microfiber Lens Cloth - Black

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