Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Proto Axis Pro Paintball Mask

New for 2009, the Proto Axis Pro Paintball Mask. Wow, these masks are hot! The first thing I noticed when taking this mask out of the box was how light they were, especially compared to last years model. The main reason why they are so light is because they went to a new soft ear design which reduces weight by up to 20% as well as offers a lower profile! The Proto Axis Pro paintball mask also features a dual pane thermal lens that can be switched out in the matter of seconds.

One great thing that Proto was able to incorporate into this mask is that it can still use any Proto Switch Lens or fan! There is no need to wait around for the manufacturer or another company to make after market parts for this mask, they're already available!

The new 2009 Proto Axis Pro paintball masks offers comfort, performance, and a great look! This is one mask that you do not want to pass up!

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