Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dye Paintball Masks

Dye Precision has a long paintball history and has made some of the best products to ever hit the paintball market. Their paintball mask and goggle line started with the original Dye Invision paintball mask. The success of that particular paintball mask led them to produce some of the greatest goggle systems on the market today. The Dye Masks are Innovative and will change the way you play the game. Check out all our Dye Paintball Goggle and Mask Line ups available at

The DYE paintball goggle systems we currently have available are the DYE i3 Pros, and the DYE I4's.

Dye I4 Mask: These masks are the newest mask to hit the paintball scene and everyone seems to be loving it. They are light weight with a large range of vision allowing you to see the field as a whole. The Dye I4 is one of the most comfortable masks out there with soft foam and great ventilation.

Dye I3 Pro: The I3 Pro goggle system is the mask that hit the scene around 2006-2007. These masks have much of the same characteristics of the I4, however the I4 is just a little bit more sleek in design with a larger field of vision. They are still very comfortable and the paintball world stilll seems to be loving them.

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