Thursday, June 4, 2009

JT Paintball Masks

JT has been in the paintball industry for over 15 years now and has perfected the art of making great paintball masks and goggles. Their expertise and innovation has led them to make some of the best paintball products on the market. Their extensive mask line pushes the boundaries for comfort, style and safety. Check out the full line of JT paintball masks.

JT has a huge variety of masks for any paintball player. Each mask has very different features, allowing players to choose a mask that they feel fits the best. The masks are labeled in three different categories as followed:

Spectra Mask System:

The Spectra mask line we carry comes in six different masks all with different colors, styles, and material its made out of. One thing the Spectra Line offers is that they all share the same kind of lens, so as long as you have one of the Spectra Mask System you can use any of the many lenses available for them.

The following are the names of the masks that fit this category; Jt Flex 7 Thermal Paintball Mask, Jt Flex 8 Full Coverage Paintball Mask, Jt Flex 8 Paintball Mask, Jt Flex Spectra Thermal Paintball Mask, Jt ProFlex Revolution Thermal Paintball Mask, and Jt ProFlex Thermal Paintball Mask.

Quicklock (QLS) Mask Systems:

The Quicklock Mask Systems are newest innovative idea from JT. These masks are available in four different types, ranging from the most expensive to some of the least expensive masks on the market.

The great idea about these masks are their new design and function of removing the lens. The QLS™ (Quicklock Lens System) allows you to replace your lens in seconds with no tools required and no pieces to lose.

The four masks available in this design are; JT QLS Status Thermal Paintball Goggles, JT QLS Carnivore Full Coverage Single Paintball Goggles, JT QLS Carnivore Single Paintball Goggles, and JT Reaper Single Paintball Goggles.

JT Elite Masks System:

The JT Elite Goggle Systems are ideal for smaller heads or any new person to the sport. The mask is cheaper then most JT goggles and obviously doesn't have the same comfort level or range of vision that the more expensive masks do. The Elite masks are very affordable and we currently carry two types that fit this category; JT Alpha Thermal Paintball Goggles, JT Head Shield Single Paintball Goggles.

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