Friday, June 5, 2009

Empire Paintball Masks

Empire goggle systems have been in the industry for some time now and have made some of the nicest mask out there with some great features. Empire currently makes two different styles of mask, the events, and the cylus being empires cheaper version. Below are descriptions of these two empire masks.

The Empire E-Vents lens system is a very advanced and optically correct lens. Although at first glance it looks like a flat lens it actually changes in thickness to maintain the best optical quality possible. The power imbalance, which means how your eyes see for straight ahead, is 0.00 for both Spherical power imbalance and Astigmatism power imbalance (the value is so small it can not be read with conventional testing equipment). What does this mean? It means what you are seeing is really where you think it is, so you can be more accurate in your shooting.

The lens is an extremely safe quick release system. It can be replaced in seconds, but yet is held very securely into the mask and frame. Unlike other quick release systems the E-Vent’s lens fits in under the nose piece. This means the nose area does not deflect in when shot, so it prevents the ingress of paint into the goggle under the lens. To further lock the lens into place there is a tongue and groove around the edge of the lens and goggle. This prevents shots at the edge of the lens forcing paint up into the goggle and helps maintain a high safety factor. The Lens is held in at the sides with very robust retainers, which also hold the high quality metallic Empire logos. This simply pushes through the lens and the goggle, then secured in place inside the frame by placing the end of the strap clip over the retainer and twisting down into position. The added safety being that you can not have the strap in place if the lens is not in the goggle properly. So you can not wear the goggle until a lens is in place. It is a very quick and easy process so you can pick and choose lenses to suit your playing conditions.

The Empire Cylus Paintball Mask is the cheaper mask that empire makes but still stands with the Empire name behind it. The cylus has dual density foam, Clear single lens, Breath blocker, Hars TPC construction, and a visor.

The Cylus also looks a lot like the events, just with more of a harder plastic as a mold to the mask. This mask is great for any paintballer getting into the sport or wanting the events look at a lower price.

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