Friday, June 5, 2009

Extreme Rage Masks

Extreme Rage goggles are for any new paintballer. The Extreme Rage mask come in two different styles, one is a full head mask, the other is just a standard mask with anti fog coating on the lens so it does not fog up on you. Extreme rage goggles are inexpensive but get the job done and meet all the safety precautions that the paintball industry requires. One being the Extreme Rage X Ray PROtector Mask and the other being the Extreme Rage X Ray Single Mask.

The Extreme Rage PROtector Mask comes complete with visor, hypo-allergenic foam, high quality adjustable strap, and chin strap. The Extreme Rage PROtector integrates full head protection in an easy-to-use design that provides the best combination of form and function. Pivoting armor and secure fasteners combine to keep the Extreme Rage X-Ray PROtector in place.

The Extreme Rage X-Ray Single Lens Mask comes with anti-fog coated lenses to prevent fogging for even the heaviest breathers. Protect those beautiful eyes, well, at least your mom thinks they are beautiful. Just get a mask.


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